Heifer International

A friend told me about Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that donates livestock to poor people around the world. The idea is that Heifer gives a poor family or community an animal that produces food, like a milk cow or a chicken. The family can than live off the proceeds, milk or eggs in this example, directly or sell it for other food that they need. In exchange, they agree to give at least the first offspring of their animal to another family in need.
They also have other projects. For example, they are working in the US to increase the number of young farmers.
You can read more about Hiefer International on their website. They’ve also been featured in the New York Times and Fortune magazine – the links are on their website.

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  1. i am in 8th grade and i have been working on supporting Heifer International with my community service group and it is a GREAT program if you are interested in helping someone out. i highly suggest that if you are a proactive individual to get a group going and start raising money. every penny counts towards a life that you could be saving. If you need some fund raising ideas E-mail me at jessebean8142@yahoo.com to get some ideas to start off your group:) ….*~Jess

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