Wired News: Drivers Want Code to Their Cars

Good news. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the check engine light in your car and paid $100+ to get it diagnosed. And probably gotten it diagnosed multiple times because you didn’t get any real info, there’s now a bill in Congress to require car companies to release those codes to the public. See Drivers Want Code to Their Cars for more info.

Foresight Exchange

Foresight Exchange. Another site where you can bet on the future. A political options market. This one is much more active than the previous ones I wrote about. Bet on (or buy options) things like “GW Bush remains US Pres. ’04” or “US gasoline prices reach $3.00”.

the World as a Blog

the World as a Blog

See a map of the world with the most recent weblog posts called out. It depends on geocoding to work and not all weblogs are geocoded.


The top search terms on Google. Overall popular search terms and category winners. As well as other information like the operating system people were using.

Typing Game

I was stumbling when I ran into this typing game on Zannah’s blog. Since it reminded me of the typing game I learned how to type with, so I gave it a try. It wasn’t nearly as fun as the one I learned on, but it was fun to remember what it was like. I will say that some people must have played for a very long time to get to those scores!

Birthday Flowers

IMG_0616Frank got me these beautiful flowers and my friends threw an awesome surprise party!