When I first went looking for a blogging tool, the lack of good information about the different sites that host blogs was very frustrating. I did find a few tables that compared prices and features but they hadn’t been kept up to date and they didn’t include all of the sites I was looking at. I decided not to post anything about the tools because I wouldn’t have created a complete comparison and I wouldn’t have kept it up to date.

That said, I think there’s a cool technology called RSS that would be interesting and useful to most people who read blogs. RSS, very simply, is a news aggregator technology. It provides a way of “subscribing” to blogs and news sites – you can pull all the information to one place instead of visiting each site independently. However, it’s the technology, not an end user tool.

For a detailed technical description of what RSS is read this article.

I am looking for a good, simple, cheap RSS reader, i.e. the end user tool. A tool that will go to all my favorite websites (that use RSS) and show me the latest news and posts in one place. I’m looking for one right now. If and when I find one I like, I will share it here. If you have any input, please let me know via comments!

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