Donald Trump

For some reason when I explain how funny, twisted, and clever some of Donald Trump’s deals are, people just stare at me.  They make me laugh.  They’re not right, they are not good, but they are devilishly clever.  For example, he was trying to evict tenants from rent control building in New York City.  Something next to impossible to do.  So he decides to let homeless people live in the empty apartments until the remaining tenants decide to leave!  He argues he’s a good guy, yet who’s going to want to live in the same building as a bunch of homeless people?  They’ll leave!  (He decided not to do this one because his lawyers said it would be as hard to get rid of the homeless people as it was to get rid of the original tenants.)

For this and other deals that are so clever and twisted they made me laugh outloud, read Donald Trump’s first book “The Art of the Deal“.