Food and Culture

Americans associate food with health. Many other nations associate food with pleasure. And most of them are healthier. “The researchers found that Americans worry more about food and derive less pleasure from eating than people in any other nation they surveyed.”

What is Race?

Scientists can tell where your ancestors are from by examining your genes. (There’s a $400 test available to those interested.) Some of the consequences can be positive, medications can be tailored to racial background. Some can be negative, you can imagine discrimination of all types based on this knowledge. Others may be just plain confusing. If you’ve always thought you were black and your test results come back as Asian and American Indian and NO black genes … then what are you? Are you still black?

The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)

Calories In, Calories Out. Not?

I’ve always heard, and firmly believed, that there is 3500 calories to a pound. However, studies show that when people are fed the same amount of extra calories, they gain differing amounts. Widely differing amounts, anywhere from 9 to 29 pounds in one study!

It might be that 3500 calories is not always a pound.