Interactive Books

I’ve talked several times about one of my favorite books, The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson.  The reason I like it is because there is an interactive book that changes and adapts to a little girl as she grows.  It’s her teacher, mentor, friend and protector.  I want one of those books.

Well, I can almost have one.  A company called LeapFrog makes a product called LeapPad. LeapPads are interactive books.  They give kids interactive feedback while they are learning to count, read and write.  For example, it might say, "Find the monster with one horn."  If the child touches the wrong monster, it might say "Find the red monster with one horn."  If the child makes a mistake again, it will say, "Let’s move on.  Find a red monster."  If at any point the child gets it right, the LeapPad cheers, applauds or makes some other funny noise. 

I know one 4 year old who loves his LeapPad.  He especially likes to play with it while I’m busy on my laptop.  He has his own book/laptop.  Now I just have to wait for LeapFrog to make one for adults.

New note: I did find something similar for adults: an io2 digital pen!

Also, I’m looking at a LeapPad like toy for my 15 month old because he loves his older brother’s LeapPad!