’s biased comments

The is my favorite business/news/political magazine.  One of the reasons I like it is because it’s not afraid to have an opinion and take a stance.  Unlike most newspapers that claim to be neutral and aren’t, the Economist very openly takes a side.  They also report about topics of real interest to me and they somehow make topics I wouldn’t normally find interesting very relevant to me. 

However, as I was reading last week’s edition, I had to laugh out loud at the blatantly biased and gratuitous comments.  For example, in an article about how Bush works out a lot, "The jock-in-chief", they write:

For Democrats the main qualification for a top job is "intelligence" – hence their constant complaint that Republican presidents are too dumb for the job.  But for Republicans the most important qualification is "character" – by which they mean an ability to hit balls and bang heads.

Or how about this one about the mob, "Gotti go now?"

She and her mother, also called Victoria (they are not an imaginative family, names-wise), were both in court this week and on message.

No doubts about where they stand, I guess!