Amazing pictures: Flickr: Explore!

If you want to see some truely amazing pictures, check out the Flickr: Explore! page.

On a different note, here are all the pictures taken of Windjammer cruises lately:’s biased comments

The is my favorite business/news/political magazine.  One of the reasons I like it is because it’s not afraid to have an opinion and take a stance.  Unlike most newspapers that claim to be neutral and aren’t, the Economist very openly takes a side.  They also report about topics of real interest to me and they somehow make topics I wouldn’t normally find interesting very relevant to me. 

However, as I was reading last week’s edition, I had to laugh out loud at the blatantly biased and gratuitous comments.  For example, in an article about how Bush works out a lot, "The jock-in-chief", they write:

For Democrats the main qualification for a top job is "intelligence" – hence their constant complaint that Republican presidents are too dumb for the job.  But for Republicans the most important qualification is "character" – by which they mean an ability to hit balls and bang heads.

Or how about this one about the mob, "Gotti go now?"

She and her mother, also called Victoria (they are not an imaginative family, names-wise), were both in court this week and on message.

No doubts about where they stand, I guess!

Latest Project: My Baby Book

I’m posting this not because I think I’m a supercute baby but because I wanted to show off my latest project: Stormy’s Baby Book – a photoset on Flickr.  View it as a slideshow for best results.

I’ve been scanning in a lot of old photos and what amazes me is that there aren’t more services available. I tried to get my grandmother’s photos scanned in and they wanted $15/photo just to scan each one in!  Then to touch them up would be another $30-$150 depending on the photo.   I couldn’t find anybody that advertised scanning in old photo albums like baby books.

Is it a business I should go into?  Would you be looking for a service like this?

Women continue to leave the tech field

Women continue to leave the technology fields and it’s not just in the US.  According to this article, Women ‘undervalued’ in science, in The Register, it exists in the UK as well:

In June this year, the Scientific Women’s Academic Network launched a six-point charter, aimed at changing the academic culture in the UK in a bid to stop so many women leaving the profession. The network said women often felt undervalued by colleagues and unsupported in their career progression.

Some Conversations are Just Hard to Have

Why are conversations about sex so hard to have?   (That’s a rhetorical question, I think.) This article by a doctor about the conversations he has with his adolescent patients is funny, but it just illustrates how hard these conversations are to have.  It’s Time for the Truth, When Body Clock Strikes 13 – New York Times.  It’s sad as well as funny when a boy has to ask his doctor whether Mountain Dew kills sperm or not. 

Great Idea but Not Yet: Froogle Mobile

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in a store and wished I could get online for just a minute to do some price comparison or review shoppiong.   Froogle Mobile makes that possible from some cell phones.  Unfortunately, I don’t think mine is one of them yet.

Need Help From Family!

originally uploaded by Storming.

I’ve been scanning in a lot of my Grandmother Price’s pictures.  I need help from all family identifying who is in the pictures.  You can go to my Flickr page, see the "sets" on the left, explore any one of them, and add comments.