Cane Garden Bay, the beach

I’m sitting here on Cane Garden beach on Tortola staring across the cove at blue and turquoise water with islands in the background and puffy white clouds in the sky and wondering what makes it beautiful. I could sit and watch forever.

On my way over the taxi driver, a West Indian, said "There’s Skyview."

"What is it?" I try to see what stands out. The mountain top? The building?
"Oh. Where?"
"Skyview!" He points at the sign.
"A restaurant?"
Clearly frustrated with me now, he says "Yes, a restaurant."

FYI, the last two weeks of September is the low of the low season and all the beach bars are closed.

P.S. Locals consider Cane Garden one of BVI’s most polluted waters because they don’t think the
waters circulate fast enough to deal with what’s dumped in it. Looked and smelled clean to me, like almost all of the BVI.