You too are a descendent of Genghis Khan

Did you always want to be like Genghis Khan?  Well, there’s a pretty good chance that you might be one of his descendents.  If you are male, it’s a 1 in 200 chance!  The long march of everyman |

there were few males more alpha in their behaviour than Genghis Khan, a man reported to have had about 500 wives and concubines, not to mention the sexual opportunities that come with conquest. It is probably no coincidence, therefore, that one man in every 12 of those who live within the frontiers of what was once the Mongol empire (and, indeed, one in 200 of all men alive today) have a stretch of DNA on their Y-chromosomes that dates back to the time and birthplace of the great Khan.

The article also points out that we tend to elect alpha males to office and then act surprised when they act like alpha males.

Note:  This is not what the article is about.  It’s about the move of early homo sapiens and how they populated the earth.  I just found the Genghis Khan stat amazing.