Do you buy your dog Christmas presents?

Are you looking to get your dog or your friend’s dog a Christmas present?  If you are buying a present for another person’s dog, especially someone who just got a dog, there’s a lot of things that person might need for their dog, like:

Personally, I think the best presents for dogs are:

Our dogs love all of those. Remember, dogs love all food!


3 Replies to “Do you buy your dog Christmas presents?”

  1. I do! I buy from Pampered Paw Gifts. They offer unique gift baskets for every holiday or occasion imaginable, and you can choose from their wide selection of already made baskets or customize one. They also have an assortment of other non-food gifts to choose from.
    The other great thing about Pampered Paw Gifts is that they believe in giving back to the dog community. They donate money and help spread the word about animal rescues and shelters around the country. Now that’s my kind of business!

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