Secrets & 5 year olds

Jacob’s idea of what to do with a secret is "Hey! I have a secret.  Want to hear?" 

Today he evolved to the next level.  I was playing the role of stuffed bunny rabbit when he told the bunny in a whisper, "Hey, you know what?  I hid a bouncy ball in each pocket so I can take them to school." 

So there I am holding a stuffed rabbit trying to decide if I react as bunny and then confiscate the bouncy balls on the way out the door … or if bunny should be mom and tell Jacob he shouldn’t take bouncy balls to school …  or if I should just drop out of role playing for a minute to talk about bouncy balls and taking toys to school …  (I did the latter but on retrospect I would do the first one next time. Or maybe bunny should ask if that’s a good idea.)

If you are playing the role of bunny are you entitled to know the information that bunny is privy to?

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