Ultrasounds & 5 year olds: “Is this going to be scary?”

So as you read earlier,  We told our 5 year old about the baby, and he’s been asking all sorts of interesting questions.  We took him to the ultrasound and he asked the following:

  • As we pulled up to the hospital, "is this where your doctor is?" (No, it’s the hospital.)
  • "Is that like urgent care?"  (We had a traumatic experience with urgent care recently – three staples on the top of his head.)
  • As we got out of the car, "is this going to be scary?"
  • As he held our hands crossing the parking lot, "are they going to peel your skin back to see the baby?" (Yikes!)
  • As we went into the exam room, "can Dad come in too?"

What a brave kid!