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I think hawks, and hunting with hawks, is fascinating.  I don’t know if it’s because of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book which was my first introduction to hawking, Hawkmistress, or if it’s a combination of how much I enjoy animals, how fascinated I am with how they can work with and be trained by people or if it’s a form of Frank’s favorite hobby (hunting) that appeals to me.

However, after looking a lot more into hawking, I decided that it’s not something I can pursue right now.  (You have to have a large enclosure built just for them outside.  If you hunt with them you have to weigh them everyday to keep them within 1-2 ounces of an ideal weight, and if you leave town another licensed hawker has to take care of them.  Unless I change careers or talk Frank into doing this with me, the last one is definitely a showstopper!)  But what I can do is watch hawks. It seems like we have more and more everyday.  This morning we saw NINE hawks on our way to work!