Are you anal-retentive?

This blogger says you are organized if you know exactly where to find the following 31 items in your house. This Wednesday: a quiz–are you organized or disorganized?.

  •  stamps
  •  your passport and if you’re married, your spouse’s passport
  •  a corkscrew
  •  Bandaids
  •  a safety pin
  •  a flashlight
  •  a functioning alarm clock
  •  paperclips or a stapler
  •  your phone charger
  •  a spare set of keys
  •  your doctor’s phone number
  •  cinnamon
  •  your tax statements from 2003
  •  fabric stain remover
  •  a pair of mittens
  •  spare AA batteries


  •  a tape measure
  •  your high-school yearbook
  •  a Swiss army knife
  •  a pencil sharpener
  •  a copy of Pride and Prejudice or The Da Vinci Code
  •  the instruction manual for your camera
  •  silver polish
  •  a vase the proper size to hold a bunch of tulips
  •  food coloring
  •  a tube of lip balm
  •  a cheese knife
  •  an extension cord
  •  a recipe for a favorite food your mother or father used to make
  •  a pack of playing cards
  •  a pad of sticky notes (Post-Its)

I’m happy to say that I can find all of them except the four things I don’t own (Pride and Prejudice of the Da Vinci Code, silver polish, food coloring and the recipe) and I don’t know exactly where the extension cord is.  (I think I know where an extension cord would be but I tend to avoid trying to be involved in organizing the garage as then I’d have to be involved in keeping it organized and that causes my stress level to go too high.  Better to ignore it as best I can.)

The real question is, is it good to be that organized?  Does it make that big of a deal in your life?  Do you save lots of time?  Or money (from not buying duplicates or making late payments?)  Do I suffer more stress from things that aren’t organized (because of others around me) than an unorganized person does from not being able to find things?

Or, maybe the real question is, can you truely change your nature?  I can’t imagine being comfortable with being unorganized.  And I can’t imagine forgetting where the spare set of keys are.  I was quite upset a few months ago when they were removed from their standard spot and got lost.

2 Replies to “Are you anal-retentive?”

  1. Funny – I know where all of them are except three of the four you mentioned. As for the recipe – I know it – but don’t have it written down!
    Thanks for making me feel better! I’ve been feeling rather disorganized lately in the middle of our remodel/addition. My office has been demolished and my computer currently sits in the kitchen, I’m sitting on a footstool reaching up for the keyboard, as our 10 month old is in a travel high-chair strapped to my chair. My files are all in the garage, and the kids toys…well, they’re still everywhere!!!

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