Oops, Mom Googled Me – Los Angeles Times

A writer wrote a piece called "9 Tips for Surviving the Holidays at Your Republican Parents’ Home." and her mom just learned how to Google, tried googling her daughter and found it: Oops, Mom Googled Me – Los Angeles Times.

It struck a cord with me today.  Blogs aren’t diaries.  At least I don’t think so.  If I’m upset about something, writing it down helps, and since I tend to write things in a blog, my first instict is to blog about it.  However, every time I’m tempted, I remember who all reads my blog.  I don’t want an argument in the comments section of my blog.  I also don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings in a blog anymore than I do over email.  <satire begin> It’s much better to hurt someone’s feelings in person – then at least you can make sure all your comments, good and bad, are interpreted as you wanted them to be. 🙂 Or at least you have a better chance. </satire end>

I’ve even debated several times on starting an anonymous blog.  However, I resolved on two points:

  • I won’t blog on things I’m just upset about. That first writing should go somewhere else until I decide whether or not I really have a public point to make or a position to take.  Even an email to the person you are upset with is better than a public airing of the issue.
  • If I do have a public position to take, I don’t want to hide it from the people that read my blog.  What’s the point of sharing my political view with the world if I’m not willing to share it with or try to convince those closest to me?

Just my two cents …