Pregnant = Fun??

I have a lot of friends who insist that they loved being pregnant.  While I love the idea that we will soon have a new member of the family, I can’t say that I love being pregnant.  I’ve had the easiest
pregnancy I know about and I can’t sleep well, my back and hips hurt
occasionally, my legs cramp up and my face is swollen.  And let’s not
mention the things I can’t do that I enjoy like running, hockey,
drinking beer and staying up late.  (On the flip side, I haven’t gained any excessive weight, on an average day I don’t have any aches and pains, the baby is healthy, I’m healthy, my ankles aren’t swollen, I found lots of good cheap clothes on eBay … all is good.)  But still, what part of this is so
enjoyable???  Is it just the expectation of a baby?

For all of you that insist you love being pregnant … please comment!