Pregnant = Fun??

I have a lot of friends who insist that they loved being pregnant.  While I love the idea that we will soon have a new member of the family, I can’t say that I love being pregnant.  I’ve had the easiest
pregnancy I know about and I can’t sleep well, my back and hips hurt
occasionally, my legs cramp up and my face is swollen.  And let’s not
mention the things I can’t do that I enjoy like running, hockey,
drinking beer and staying up late.  (On the flip side, I haven’t gained any excessive weight, on an average day I don’t have any aches and pains, the baby is healthy, I’m healthy, my ankles aren’t swollen, I found lots of good cheap clothes on eBay … all is good.)  But still, what part of this is so
enjoyable???  Is it just the expectation of a baby?

For all of you that insist you love being pregnant … please comment!

2 Replies to “Pregnant = Fun??”

  1. I’m not sure I would say I “looooved” it – but a few things I found entertaining and enjoyable:
    Getting credit for caring for one more child before I had the actual responsibility of keeping track (i.e. at the post office with a 3 year old, a 1 year old and a big belly – we got a ton of comments about “You sure have your hands full!”)
    I guess the other thing I enjoyed the third time around was being big pregnant during the summer. I actually spent more time in a bathing suit than I had in years because I didn’t feel at all self-conscious about my gut – OF COURSE it was big…and the swollen ankles, well, they didn’t look so bad compared with that big waistline!
    And maybe the third thing was the flashback to a time when people tended to be more polite about opening doors etc. I had numerous occasions where people just out of the blue offered to help (not that I felt a need to take them up on it) but with things like carrying boxes to the post office, help with groceries, doors etc.
    Definitely the best part for me though was the hope of the joy to come with the arrival of another son 🙂

  2. You are right … I’ve never felt less self conscious in shorts and swimsuits in my life!
    People are also overwhelmingly helpful. I tend to be a “I can do it myself” type person but there have been a number of times lately I’ve been really grateful to people for making sure I had a seat or a hand lifting something.

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