Baby almost here!

The doctor was able to rub the baby’s head yesterday and she said she wouldn’t be surprised to see me before my appointment on Monday.  (On the other hand, it could be another two weeks still – there isn’t any real way to predict these things.)  She also predicted that my water would probably break – I guess the baby’s head is wedged in pretty tight at a -1 position.  (From what I understand that means his head is 1 centimeter above my pubic bone.  Most of the pregnancy he’s been about 5 cm above my pubic bone.)

I’m not holding her to any of it as I appreciate her sharing her opinion, but I sure hope she’s right that he’s coming sooner than later!

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  1. Well, yeah, there is a way to predict these things but I don’t recommend it if at all possible! Our first was due April 15th and arrived April 30th (ended up c-section-giant head that he has) and the rest have followed suit with scheduled c-sections. Seriously the only advantage is actually knowing the date.
    Very excited for you. I guess we’ll cut you a little slack if we don’t hear from you for a while as you re-join the ranks of the “sleep-deprived”. 🙂

  2. I have a friend who had a voluntary C-section. While I don’t really understand why (she said it was because she wanted to know the date), I got to be there and that was amazing. When the baby came out she was very alert and looking around! It was amazing!

  3. You are on the list of people the announcement email is going to … but your post gave me an idea. I just added my blog address to the list, so when the announcement goes out, it will be posted on my blog as well.

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