Physical punishment

Here’s a great post on why physical punishment often doesn’t have the desired effect. Some Reasons: Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids.  I think it applies to all punishment, not just spanking.

Some I definitely agree with:

1.  If you hit your kid, they are likely to hit others, because hitting must be ok.  And if you yell at them, they are likely to yell at others, because yelling must be ok.
3.  A child who’s been punished becomes angry and focuses on the punishment and the punisher instead of how to solve the problem at hand.  (I’ve found this hard to prevent when just using simple time outs or "you can’t do that."  We always have to ask, "do you know why you are in timeout" and often he doesn’t!)
7.  Anger and frustration build up.
9.  Spanking shows the "might makes right."  Someday both of my kids will be bigger than me.  Does that mean that they don’t have to listen to me then?  No!
10. It shows that hitting is an appropriate way to solve problems.   That will be very frustrating for them when they enter corporate America!

The article explains these and the other points much more clearly.  It’s worth reading.

Why you shouldn’t eat after brushing your teeth

Ever wondered why things don’t taste good after brushing your teeth?  It’s because of something called "sodium laurel sulfate."  It blocks the sweet sensors on your tongue and enhances the sour and bitter sensors.

Why does orange juice taste so bad after brushing your teeth? :: ABC Gold & Tweed Coasts.

Combining Skills

If you can combine two skills, you can come up with some interesting career options. Robert Tinney, BYTE Cover Artist and Microcomputer Illustration Pioneer:

Being a talented artist is sort of like being a talented speaker: it’s a nice talent to have, but it isn’t easy to find someone who’ll pay you just to do it. You need to combine that basic talent with another skill to really have a marketable service. If you’re a good speaker, combine that with a law degree to be a trial attorney. If you’re an artist, acquire an expertise in 3-D modeling and move to Hollywood for a career in special effects.

Medical school on an airplane

This plane is flying around Vietnam not just performing eye surgery on people that can’t afford to go to a hospital for surgery but it also has a teaching room to teach local doctors to perform the surgery themselves. Flying eye hospital aids world’s poor – Yahoo! News.

The front section of the plane has been converted into a classroom, complete with a medical library and a big screen that broadcasts close-up interactive surgeries from the operating room, located in the middle of the aircraft.

It’s always good to teach people how to do it themselves and this is a great idea on how to bring training (and handson, live training) to the people that need it.

iPods for babies

I love my iPod.  Maybe I should buy these iPod speakers for Caleb. 🙂 Too bad my old iPod quit working.  Picture is linked from Gizmodo.


Bad Wine & Tasting it

If you are like me, you hate being the one who has to taste the wine because you aren’t really sure what you are supposed to be doing.  I know you are only supposed to send it back if it’s bad, not if you don’t like it.  But what is bad?  Somebody finally wrote an article to help us out,  Wines: Bad Wine.

Humans for Dogs

I’m seperating my blogs.  All posts about dogs will now be at Humans for Dogs .  I copied over some of the more popular posts already.  New dog posts will just be posted at Humans for Dogs.

Pickpockets welcome!

Here’s a guy who sets himself up to be pickpocketed and then picks the pickpocker’s pocket! Take My Wallet, Please.

How do you track down pickpockets?
I stuff my wallet with paper and keep it in my pants pocket. Then I linger in prime tourist spots in foreign cities. Sooner or later, someone steals the wallet, and I try to steal it back.

He consults to foreign governments, coaches cruiseship travelers and leads workshops.

Parents Spending More Time With Children, Study Finds – New York Times

Having just returned to work after maternity leave, I found this article interesting.  It’s the first study I’ve seen that added the time spent at work and the time spent working at home for both fathers and mothers and compared the total.  Turns out that they are spending relatively equal amounts of time "working."  Married and Single Parents Spending More Time With Children, Study Finds – New York Times:

The researchers found that “women still do twice as much housework and child care as men” in two-parent families. But they said that total hours of work by mothers and fathers were roughly equal, when they counted paid and unpaid work.

Using this measure, the researchers found “remarkable gender equality in total workloads,” averaging nearly 65 hours a week.

However, according to the study, working moms have much less free time than stay at home moms and one of the things they cut back on is time with their husbands!

It also said that all parents, single and married, male and female, are spending more time with their kids than parents did 40 years ago.