To circumcise or not?

I bet many a couple has had the "circumcision" debate but hardly anybody talks about it.  This medical student feels very strongly that boys should not be circumcised and she explains why here: Tales from the Emergency Room and Beyond….

She says that less than 20% of boys in Canada are circumcised.  According to this website, just over half (55.9%) of boys in the United States were circumcised in 2003 but it varies greatly by region from 31.4% in the West to 77.8% in the Northeast.

As I wrote this, I realized that I am very, very anti-female circumcision and not so anti-male circumcision simply because of my culture.  I’m going to have to rethink my values.

2 Replies to “To circumcise or not?”

  1. Our four boys are natural. We didn’t buy the “he won’t look like dad” argument.

  2. It does seem like more and more boys are not being circumcised. Growing up, all the boys I knew were circumcised, but I now have several friends and/or family members who decided not to. It just seems like much of the research indicates that there are not huge medical advantages to doing it. There’s a really great debate about circumcision at Experts from both sides weigh in and debate the relevant points. A really good read!

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