Computerless email

Share pictures and emails with your loved ones that don’t have a computer with a Presto.

As many of you know, I’m a big of sharing digital photos and emails with family members that don’t use computers. For my grandma, we use a Ceiva, a digital picture frame that all your friends and family can load pictures into from the web – a perfect gift for someone without web access who wants to see all your digital pictures. My grandma’s biggest complaint is that she can’t print out the pictures.

Now they’ve got another device which sounds like it would solve the problem. This new HP device, Presto, is a standalone printer. People can send email or pictures to it and it automatically prints it out. I would send my grandma a lot more letters if I could just email them to her!

The HP Presto connects to a phone line and uses standard HP ink cartidges so you can send email and pictures to people without a computer.


The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive. It sounds like most people buy it for a family member that doesn’t have a computer, like my grandma.