How to be happy

This CNN article talks about happiness and about how we are terrible at remembering what made as happy and even worse at figuring out what makes us happy.  A couple of tidbits:

  1. Invest in experiences instead of things:
    "One mistake that people seem to make is if they invest in durable goods
    when some studies suggest they’d be happier if they invested money in
  2. Ask other people who have done it how much they enjoyed it:
    "If I wonder what it’s like to become a lawyer or marry a busy executive
    or eat at a particular restaurant, my best bet is to find people who
    have actually done these things and see how happy they are."  Although he does say that people are terrible at remembering how happy they were, so maybe the best thing is to find someone who is actually doing it, and ask them!

So basically, do your reasearch to figure out if something will make you happy!