How to Fall Asleep Quickly – Even while driving

I found this link about How to Fall Asleep Quickly Every Time – WikiHow that basically says fall asleep to an audio book every night.  Since I listen to audio books in the car all the time, I decided this was bad advice!

12/8/06:  I should also note that while most people seem to find reading before bed pleasant, I find reading before bed dangerous.  I’m very likely to get involved in the book and to just keep reading … On nights Frank isn’t home, I usually read until very late.

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  1. I’ve been doing this for awhile and it works for me. I use different teaching tapes. Usually ones I like but have heard before. I’m afraid I wouldn’t nod off if I hadn’t heard it before. And I don’t do it all the time, just when my mind is a bit active. It does what the article says – engages my mind so it isn’t revovling around my “stuff.” And then I just go to sleep.
    In the car, I go for music.

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