Perfect Gift

It’s Christmas time and if you are like most of us, you are wondering what to get for at least one difficult someone on your list.  I found two sites to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list for Christmas:

  •  This site lets you pick things like whether it’s an individual or a couple, your parents or a friend, which holiday and how old they are and then it makes some suggestions.  You can then sort by popularity and price.  It actually came up with some pretty reasonable suggestions during my trial run.
  • Perfect Present Picker. I had a harder time with this one.  You have to pick words that describe the person’s interest, personality and the occasion.  I had a hard time with everything but the personality.  Words like "busy body", "has brain implant" and "controlling" just aren’t words I usually use to describe my friends.  After you manage that they ask you about gender, age, occupation and lifestyle.  (If you pick couple, they don’t ask you about age and retired wasn’t an option under occupation.)  The results were not very good.  It suggested a milk frother or a professional poker set for my in-laws.  Somehow I don’t see them using either of those.

So I’d use FindGift to get some ideas and I wouldn’t bother with Present Picker. 
Good luck in your shopping!