Reading blogs: Bloglines vs Google Reader

I recently switched from Bloglines to Google Reader for reading blogs and news.  I’ve decided to stick with Google Reader and here’s why:

  • It’s easier to add a feed, i.e. blog.  It’s one click instead of several screens.
  • It’s easier to change a feed’s folder, i.e. category.
  • I can set it up to only show me the feeds that have new posts.
  • If I click on a folder, it doesn’t mark all the posts read until I actually scroll past them.  (In Bloglines, if I clicked on a folder all 200+ unread messages I had to read them all right then as they all got marked read immediately.)

Things I liked better in Bloglines:

  • I could put my folders in any order I wanted.  Google Reader puts them in alphabetical order.
  • Pictures and links in the posts seemed to show up better in Bloglines.