The Secret to Buying on eBay

Frank called me the eBay Queen today.  I told him the problem was I’m the eBay Buying Queen and I’d much rather be the eBay Selling Queen.  I’ll tell you the secret to buying on eBay: eSnipe.  eSnipe lets you set how much you are willing to bid on an item and how close to the end you are willing to wait.  Then it bids for you.  So you get to set what you think the item is worth – no bidding past what you think it’s worth because you got involved in the bidding frenzy.  And no getting outbid at the last second because you don’t bid until the last second.  I usually tell eSnipe to start bidding three seconds before the end of an auction – no human can outbid that.

So I win lots of auctions but I never pay more than I think something is worth.