Buying human embryos

This adoption agency is now providing embryos!  They buy eggs from women, get sperm from donors, combine them, make embryos and then provide them to couples as a "service."  So they say they are not selling them.  But since they own them, it sure seems to me like they are selling them.  Whether or not they are selling them, they own them and they are either selling or giving them away.  Selling or giving away potential human beings. 

The owner of the adoption agency says she doesn’t currently have a stockpile of embryos because they are taken (or sold?) as fast as she produces them.  But she could stockpile them because embryos can be frozen indefinitely.

So does this mean I could collect a library of human embryos, advertise them and sell them based on different potential characteristics?  And since they are frozen I don’t have to feed or cloth them while I wait for someone to take them. … I see the beginnings of a science fiction story.

With the number of couples trying to conceive and the number of people wanting to adopt growing constantly, I can see how there could be a huge demand for this type of service.  I can also see how it could be very easily abused.