No candy bar for me …

I wasn’t meant to have a candy bar today …

  • I started with a trip to the break room with one dollar bill and two dimes,
  • The machine was no longer taking dollar bills so even though I have free cokes at work, I decided to buy a 50 cent coke,
  • Now I had a diet coke, two quarters and two dimes,
  • According to the machine a Twix was 70 cents,
  • I put in my change, hit the code for a Twix and was informed that the Twix was really 85 cents,
  • So I changed my mind and hit the code for Reeces Peanut Butter Cups,
  • The peanut butter cups started to come out but got hung up on metal hook,
  • I banged the machine with my hip (much more effective than hitting it with your hand) and they came out from under the hook but got stuck on the M&Ms next to them,
  • A trip back upstairs proved I had no more change anywhere,
  • So I went for a walk instead!

Have you had a similar experience?