Make sure your baby is swallowing

If you are having trouble breastfeeding (or bottle feeding), make sure your baby is swallowing.  This was pointed out to me again and again but it didn’t really hit home until 2 am this morning.  I held the bottle for 20 minutes and his cheeks were moving and he was really working at it but after 20 minutes, there was still the same amount of fluid in the bottle! He hadn’t been swallowing!  (In this case because there was too much of a vacuum in the bottle.)

So if your baby is having trouble eating, make sure they are swallowing, not just sucking.

Photo by pfly.

2 Replies to “Make sure your baby is swallowing”

  1. Watch their throat more than their cheeks. Usually you can see or hear it if you are watching for it.
    Also check to make sure their diapers are wet regularly.

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