Can you take needles through airport security?

After I wrote How to go Through Airport Security Like a Pro a friend asked if you can take a sewing kit with needles through security.  The answer is yes.  You can bring:

  • needles
  • knitting needles
  • crochet hooks
  • blunt sissors
  • finger nail clippers

If you are ever in doubt you can bring a self addressed envelope with postage.  If they don’t let you though security with your needle or sissors, you can drop them in your envelope and mail them home from the airport.

Photo by mrjoro.

2 Replies to “Can you take needles through airport security?”

  1. Ultimately the decision to permit or deny belongs to the individual or crew doing the scanning. Per TSA’s Permitted and Prohibited Items list February 9, 2007 revision:
    … transportation security officers may determine that an item not on the prohibited items chart is prohibited.
    The next sentence takes care of the opposite:
    …may also determine that an item on the permitted chart is dangerous and therefore may not be brought through the security checkpoint.
    It seems, then, that my success at carrying on an item that is not specifically mentioned on either list therefore depends on the mood and attitude of the TSA individual as much as it does on the nature of the item. The best assurance of a smooth transit is to check in anything that could come close to “prohibited” status.

  2. Definitely the best way to assure your item makes it through is to check it. However, I’ve seen very few items confiscated lately, so I think as long as you are within the guidelines, you are ok.

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