Commenting on blogs with coComment

Blogs are about conversations.  In order for a blog conversation to happen, people have to comment.  One of the reasons I never used to comment on blogs was because I felt like I was dropping into a party, dropping a question or comment and then leaving without waiting to see if anyone had a response.  And I’d never go back to a blog post to see who responded to my comment!

coComment solved my problem.  If you use FireFox (and you should use Firefox!
), you can install their extention and then everytime you comment on a blog, it makes not of it.  Once a day or once a week you can log into your coComment account and see all the blogs you commented on and whether or not anybody responded after you.  You can then follow up on the comment … or not.  You can also see who is commenting on the blogs you commented on.  It’s a very useful tool if you like commenting on blogs.  And if you don’t comment on blogs, well, maybe it will help you get started.

Photo by rougerouge.