Lufthansa reinforces the negative German stereotype

Lufthansa is a stickler for the rules, whether they make sense or not.  Rules are to be followed and there are no exceptions.  Especially not for frequent fliers or people flying in business class or people who paid more for their ticket.  One traveller was recently barred from the from using the business class line even though he was entitled to use the first class line.  This guy thought it was funny:


Lufthansa Senator member sees the first class checkin has a
long time, wants to use the empty business class line. They’re told ‘no
way’ — a benefit of Senator status is that they use the First Class
lines. Period. They’re not allowed to use the business class lines.

[…] Your boarding
pass displays your status, which entitles you to the lounge…. but the
rules say you must present your
membership card.  No card, no entry.  Rules.

Personally, having been in a very similar situation with Lufthansa, just reading the story made my heart beat faster and my blood start boiling.  The rules, whether they make sense or not, will be enforced by Lufthansa.

Maybe someday I’ll run across Lufthansa and their rules when I’m not in the middle of a 40 hour trip or I’m not about to miss my flight, and I’ll be able to see the humor in it, but not today.

Photo by  caribb.