The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

I travel a lot and one of my indispensable items is my Eagle Creek neck pillow.  Lately I’ve been getting a lot of 6am flights (which means I wake up at 3:30am) but it means I have one more evening at home with the family.  My neck pillow guarantees I’ll get another two hours of sleep on the airplane.

I used to always get a window seat and then I’d shove a pillow or a coat between the window and my head.  But no matter how well I slept I’d always wake up with a neck ache.  (I even had a guy wake me up once and tell me that my head was bobbing so much he was afraid I’d be in pain when I woke up!)  With my Eagle Creek pillow I can sleep sitting up in any seat.  It’s terrific.

The key is not to blow it up all the way – I usually try two or three times before I get it just right.  It inflates and deflates really easily and although it’s not the smallest thing in the world, I always make room for it in my brief case on those early am flights!  It makes a great gift for anyone you know that travels a lot.