You’ll have more patience if you are having fun

Gretchen from the Happiness Project had a great story today that emphasized the truth of her main point:

If you have plenty of fun in your life – if you make time to see
friends, to learn about things that interest you, to do the things you
enjoy, like reading or going to movies or hiking – you have a higher
store of patience and tolerance.

On the other hand, when you don’t have much fun in your life, it’s
easy to become preoccupied with the aggravations and frustrations.
There’s nothing to distract you from your bad feelings.

Gretchen was pushing a stroller through ice and snow and didn’t even realize how difficult it was until she got home because she was having so much fun talking to her friend.  It’s like a long wait at a restaurant isn’t noticeable if you are catching up with an old friend.