Bitter End Yacht Club

After the Baths we sailed to the Bitter End Yacht Club on the north end of Virgin Gorda where we grabbed a mooring for the night.  Our dinghy broke again (this time a wire that need to be replaced) – again, they fixed it quickly when they opened up in the morning.  Luckily there was a water taxi at Bitter End that we used to go back and forth to the resort for the evening.  It was free but they asked for tips.  (People in the BVI are very open about telling you when they expect a tip!)

We had dinner at a pub like place on Bitter End and Jacob got a hot dog – the one and only place that we found that served hot dogs in the BVI!  (We had made reservations at the Bitter End restaurant but on discovering that the average dish was $50 we decided to head for the pub.)

If I were to go there again I’d grab one of the Saba Rock moorings – they were right next door and they gave you free ice and water with the mooring.

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