If you were Teddy’s friend, you knew it each and every day


Frank’s asked a couple of times when I’m going to write an "Ode to Teddy."  I haven’t been able to write it because I miss her so much.  And I’m not sure I could do her justice.

But if there’s one thing about Teddy that should not be forgotten, it’s her greetings.  She said hello with her whole body.  She barked at everybody that came to the door.  But once she identified you as a friend – and that might happen when your car pulled up or it might happen once you stepped into the house – she would go into full greeting mode.  She’d squeal with delight, spin in circles, dive between your legs, roll over onto her back and wiggle, and then jump up to give you kisses.  It didn’t matter whether you’d been gone for five minutes or five months – you got the same elaborate greeting.   If we happened to be waiting for someone somewhere, she would watch for them.  (She knew most of our friends by name and I could tell her they were coming.)  When she spotted them, she’d immediately start a high pitch squeal/whine and start crouching down on her front legs and spinning.  If I let her off leash, she’d beeline to our friends in an all out sprint, miss them by an inch, turn around and do the Teddy greet – see above. 

One of my friends nicknamed her Twirly Girl and I thought that name was particularly accurate.

If you were Teddy’s friend, you knew it each and every day.  Friends of Teddy, feel free to describe it in your own words!

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  1. We didn’t know Teddy but we are sorry your “Twirly Girl” is no longer with you. She was obviously an important part of your family. Thank you for sharing about her.
    And I’m tardy saying “thank you” for taking us along on your cruise. I enjoyed it!

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