Snorkeling at Treasure Point

On Friday, March 23rd, we got our boat.  After a hectic three hours of
loading all of our provisions onto our boat, Carino, a 433 from Footloose, we finally got off about 3:30 and
arrived at The Bight on Norman Island at about 4:30.  We had a great
meal of mahi-mahi on board and the next day we went snorkeling at the
caves at Treasure Point.

who had never been snorkeling, jumped right off the dinghy into 25 feet
deep water, came up and yelled "there’s lots of fish down here!"
Needless to say, he took right to snorkeling.

There are some great pictures of our boat with us sailing at Yacht Shots.  If we’d realized what they were doing we might have smiled!