Trading used books: The best site is Paperbackswap!

Paperbackswap is a great site for trading books.  I tried several book trading sites and Paperbackswap works the best for me.  You list the books you are done reading, ones that you are willing to trade, and for each one you send off, you can request a book from someone else.  All you pay is shipping on the book you send, $2.09 for most paperbacks.

Here’s how it works:

  • You list all the books you are willing to trade.
  • When someone requests one of your books:
    • you print out the label that Paperbackswap makes for you,
    • wrap it around the book,
    • tape it,
    • add stamps (Paperbackswap will tell you how much), and
    • send it.
  • You get a credit for each book you send.  (You get the credit when the other person receives the book.)
  • Once you’ve listed 9 books, they give you 3 credits to get you going.
  • You can use a credit to request any book any one else has listed.
  • You can also add books to your wishlist so that when someone posts that book, you get an email.  This is how I found out about almost all the books I wanted.

So now when I’m done reading a book:

  • I first decide if I just want to keep it. Am I going to read it again?  Look things up occasionally?  Lend it to a friend who I know would enjoy it?
  • If I don’t keep it, I check on to see what used copies are selling for.  If they sell for over $2.00, I sell mine.  I list it on and
  • If I don’t want to keep it and I can’t sell it for much, I list it on Paperbackswap.

So far I’ve listed over 40 books, sent seven books, gotten four and have another three on the way!