3 things you never knew before you had kids

Here’s three things I never knew before I had kids:

  1. You have to practice bookmarking.  Not the computer bookmarks, the old fashioned kind.  You do this by crawling around the house and pulling the bookmark out of every book you find.  You then try to insert the bookmark back in the book.  Pull out and repeat.  If someone is holding you and a book at the same time … well, that’s the perfect opportunity to practice your bookmarking skills.  (As a side benefit, you get to watch them yell too!)
  2. Corn kernels can go in your mouth and come out the other end without
    changing at all.  You can eat a whole cup and a whole cup comes out in
    the diaper.  What a diet plan!
  3. You will go to the doctor more in the first year of life than all of the next 30 combined.  Even if you only go for the regular, suggested appointments.

Got any others?