Flying with small children

I just read an excellent article about flying with small children.  Here’s a few tips from How to Fly with Kids

  1. Book a bulkhead row to prevent your child from kicking the seat in front of her.
  2. Reserve a window seat for your child. Most children enjoy looking out the window during flights.
  3. Use a backpack as a diaper bag; this will leave your hands free for other things.
  4. Pack empty bottles or sippy cups. Once you go through security, you can
    buy water and juice to fill them. You can also ask the flight
    attendants to fill them with water or juice.

There are lots more in the article!  One I would add from personal experience is explain ahead of time how security works and what happens if they select your bag for additional screening.  Jacob still thinks those security guys are mean for taking his backpack!