Ira Glass on Storytelling

CurrentTV has a great video of Ira Glass on story telling.  (Ira Glass is the creator and producer of This American Life.)  In the video Ira talks about telling stories, finding good stories and "good taste."  It was the good taste section that I found really interesting.  You get into something because you enjoy it and appreciate it – you have good taste and you can tell what’s good and what’s bad.  Unfortunately, your taste is good enough for you to realize that what you are producing is not great.  Ira says you have to work through that – keep producing – and eventually you’ll get better.  He says most people quit at that point because their taste is good enough to realize that their product is terrible.  He then shared a radio segment he made eight years after he got into radio and he explained how terrible it was.  And yet he stuck with it and now he’s one of the most famous radio story tellers of our time.