Someone who is happy with their job

It’s nice to hear from someone (famous) that they are happy with their job and not looking to climb any corporate ladder or start a company. Finding something you love to do and then realizing that you love doing it makes for the perfect career and a much happier life. There aren’t too many people that realize that society’s call to climb the management ladder or start a company might not be their dream.  This is Linus Torvalds:

First off, I’m actually perfectly well off. I live in a good-sized
house, with a nice yard, with deer occasionally showing up and eating
the roses (my wife likes the roses more, I like the deer more, so we
don’t really mind). I’ve got three kids, and I know I can pay for their
education. What more do I need? 

The thing is,
being a good programmer actually pays pretty well; being acknowledged
as being world-class pays even better. I simply didn’t need to start a
commercial company. And it’s just about the least interesting thing I
can even imagine. I absolutely hate paperwork. I couldn’t take care of
employees if I tried. A company that I started would never have
succeeded — it’s simply not what I’m interested in! So instead, I have
a very good life, doing something that I think is really interesting,
and something that I think actually matters for people, not just me.
And that makes me feel good.

For those that haven’t heard of Linus – he’s the guy that originally wrote Linux.