Atheism on the rise?

A BBC article says that atheism, or maybe agnosticism, is on the rise in the US.  Surprisingly they gave 9/11 as a reason people maybe more likely to be agnostic since they see terrible acts committed "for my God."  They pointed at recent bestsellers as evidence of this growing atheism:

Note that there are three times more atheist in Europe that there are in the US.  Also, Christians are still clearly a majority in the United States.

One Reply to “Atheism on the rise?”

  1. The so-called “New Atheists” certainly have been more vocal of late. Whether they 1) represent an increase in atheism, or 2) will presage an increase in atheism, I think are unanswered questions.
    Ironically, just this weekend I launched a webpage that collects book reviews and responses to Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, the leading “New Atheists”:

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