Some women are still punished for being raped

Rape victim gets 200 lashes. Actually, I think the punishment was for being alone with an unrelated man.  This makes me:

  • sad that some women live without the rights I take for granted,
  • angry that the people around her have accepted and perpetuate this as normal,
  • grateful that I have so much freedom and so many rights,
  • frustrated that I have no idea how to fix something I think is wrong,
  • scared to ever travel to a Muslim country.

2 Replies to “Some women are still punished for being raped”

  1. this is an unfair comment. Its not that you need to be afraid of travelling to a “muslim” country, as not all “muslim” countries treat people/women/victims in this way – only those that adopt hardline clerical/fundamental/sharia laws. By the same token, there are plenty of other religions in countries such as pakistan, india, sri lanka that treat women/victims in equally disgusting ways but they are not muslims. You must be careful generalising each and every “muslim” country under the same banner. Always remember that for many many muslims extremism and fundamentalism are to islam what the KKK is to christianity. Saying you are afraid to travel to “muslim” countries Im afraid is inherently racist and indicative of a certain level of ignorance.

  2. Andrew,
    I agree! I think it’s very sad that some countries have given the whole religion/culture a bad name but it doesn’t change how I feel.
    In Spain, at Easter or Christmas they would have a parade with people dressed like the Ku Klux Klan. I know they have absolutely nothing to do with the KKK but it made me afraid to see them. Fear isn’t always rationale.
    BTW, I’ve been to India and Malaysia and been very comfortable and felt very welcome. My one experience in Istanbul was a bit more intimidating (lots of catcalls and obnoxious guys) but I plan to return next year.

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