A truly disposable society: disposable underwear

I knew we lived a disposable society the time Jacob and I broke a wine glass and he said, "it’s ok, we can buy another one."  That’s his answer to most problems: we can always buy a solution.  Makes you wonder what our society will be like when all our kids are adults.  They have grown up with cheap, replaceable things.  Things are not treasured and saved.  You use them, break them, lose them, buy new ones.  No big deal.

This had to top them all though: disposable underwear:

"Nundies are a one-time use, pantyless panty that adheres to the inside
inseam of a woman’s pants. Nundies are a great fashion solution product
for women who want to go bare-down-there without the discomfort of
itchy clothing. Nundies also save women from the embarrassment of tacky
panty lines and from having to wear uncomfortable thongs."

The really bad thing is that I immediately thought, "cool, I should check into those!"  (My suitcase would be lighter coming home …) 

How long until all our clothing is disposable like hospital gowns?