It’s an uh-oh morning

I should have known I was in for it when the baby greeted me this morning with "uh-oh." 

"What’s uh-oh?"


When your diaper comes off under your pajamas, that’s uh-oh.  So I put him in the tub.  Turns out there was more uh-oh coming.  I know there was a Dirty Job show about how to clean baby and poop out of the bathtub but I must not have paid enough attention.  Next time.  Next time they can feature us.

On to the dishes.  It turns out that shrimp ceviche and cheese sauce do not wash well in the dish washer.  In the process of unloading the dishes to manually wash them, the dishwasher rack fell off and a margarita glass fell and … uh-oh.

It’s an uh-oh morning but since it’s not even eight o’clock, I figure we can just start over!

Have a good uh-oh morning!