Movie Review: Home of the Brave

I don’t usually recommend too many movies but I have to say I thought Home of the Brave was a good movie. It’s about some reservists who come home from Iraq and have a hard time fitting back into their old lives.

Frank also thought it was good although he was quick to point out that not everyone that comes home from Iraq is that messed up!  As I’ve told him before, I think it’s amazing they aren’t all more messed up.  If I got mugged or witnessed a shooting, people would recommend I go to counseling.  We send people to Iraq to shoot people and get shot at and they lose friends and when they come home – with no counseling – we’re surprised that they might not find life at home just like they left it?

Frank also suggested that reservists might have the toughest transition of all.  They go straight from Iraq to home.  He thinks they’d do better if they served state side for a few months as a transition state – with a peer group who’s been in Iraq.

Home of the Brave is worth watching.