Our country is in their hands

Did you know that many of our top officials from the US Attorney General to ambassadors to other countries hold Israeli passports as well as American passports?  Nothing against Israel, but what if Israeli and American interests are ever in conflict?  How will they honor both?  Will they pick America over Israel?  Do they know?  Can we know? 

We are all global citizens – country lines and even family lines are blurring.  For example, my stepson belongs to two families – it’s not hard to imagine people belonging to two countries.  However, while countries still go to war, I think having people in positions of power who have this conflict of interest can cause problems.  We wouldn’t ask our son to take sides in a disagreement between families.  I don’t want our diplomats to be torn like that.  Who knows whose side they will take?  They represent America but what if they decide they need to defend the other side?  Can we trust them to resign?  Should we even ask them to be in that position?