Everything is getting cheaper … will it all be free?

Things are getting cheaper.  From food to clothes to housing.  If you don’t agree (and most people don’t initially) – I’d argue that you aren’t comparing apples to apples.  Food in the grocery store is cheaper now than it was 20 years ago.  You spend more on food now than 20 years ago because you probably eat out more, not because it’s more expensive.  (And don’t forget to take into account inflation.  A $1 20 years ago is more than a $1 now.)

Kevin Kelly has an excellent article on how things are getting cheaper, why, what it means and how it affects technology and business.  He explains how some some things are getting cheaper (like copper) and some things are becoming free because you pay for others (Rynair airfare is cheap because you pay for food, luggage, etc).  And lots more.  It’s an excellent article if you’ve ever wondered why things are getting cheaper and how some things can just be free.   Here it is: Technology Wants to be Free.