Shure headphones

I really liked my Shure headphones that Frank got me for Christmas a few years ago. However, when they broke – or rather just stopped working – I decided to just go back to the default iPod headphones. Not a good decision. The background noise on the BART train and on the airplane yesterday were so loud that I couldn’t hear my podcasts at full volume! (I managed to listen to one of my audiobooks on the airplane at full volume – I guess it’s no wonder my ears are ringing now.) So I’m buying a new pair of Shure headphones.

These are in your ear, fitted earphones that are noise isolating – meaning they block out external sounds. (Not always safe for running outside but great for noisy gyms, airplanes and airports. At the gym, I can actually listen to my own music and I don’t hear the music on the stereo speakers at all.)

They now have earphones that connect to both your audio player and your cell phone. Since I’m in the market for a headphone for my cell phone, I looked into that, but the reviews were terrible.

The earphones come in different levels of quality from 1 to 5. Since I’m not an audiophile and I mostly listen to books and podcasts, I’m getting the 1 version (SE110). (The price difference is substantial.)